• Drippers

  • Features

    • Provides rated flow regardless of pressure.
    • Ideal for undulating terrain or systems with a large variation in pressure.
    • Three dimensional geometry to keep grit in suspension as it moves through the emitter.
    • Emitter body and inlet made of materials to withstand chemical and U-V degradation.
    • No squirting – puts water at the desired spot.
    • Best material for long-term exposure to ag chemicals.
    • Compact design for low cost.
    • One-step installation saves labor cost.
    • Add "spaghetti" tubing to direct water for maximum accuracy.


    Cool Climate
    Warm/Humid Climate
    Small Pots
    10 min/week
    15 min/week
    30 min/week
    Large Pots
    15 min/week
    30 min/week
    45 min/week
    Small Shrub (3ft)
    15 min/week
    30 min/week
    1 hours/week
    Large Shrub (5ft)
    45 min/week
    1.5 hours/week
    2 hours/week
    Small Trees (10ft)
    3 hours/week
    5.5 hours/week
    8 hours /week
    Large Trees (20ft)
    11 hours/week
    22 hours/week
    32 hours /week